Attendance at World Stamp Show-NY 2016

by Wade Saadi, President, NY 2016

Attendance at World Stamp Show-NY 2016 was as successful as previous USA Internationals. At all of those shows, attendance was measured by "gate clicks"; a click for every time a person entered the show floor, regardless of how many times a day they traversed the gate throughout the show. This would include reentering the show floor after attending a seminar, an auction, going to get coffee or lunch, visiting the lobby for an event, going out for some fresh air, etc.

If a person who attended the show attended two seminars and went out for any food or drink, they would have 4 gate clicks that day. If they attended the show for all 8 days that would be 32 gate clicks for one person. However, if they came in once and then left, that would be a single click. 

It was felt the most accurate way for us to account for attendance would be by counting those who actually registered; the unique visitors. This was possible for this show with the advent of online registration and today's technology; almost 50% of our registrations were done prior to the show by the show goer, and another 10% by us beforehand (dealers, exhibitors, volunteers, donors, et. al.)

Afterwards, using the actual registration numbers, others could extrapolate whatever hypothetical they need from there. Regardless of different methods of accounting for attendance, there were more important and relevant methods of determining the success of a U.S. International.  

To wit; the vast majority of the dealers who attended had a fantastic show and were delighted at their sales and traffic. The show attendees, from all accounts, were delighted with the event. The press reports and coverage were fantastic and the hobby was well served by the exhibition.

By the numbers:
2,380 – VIP Badges printed in advance
275 – VIP Badges printed on-site
2,530 – School group participants
7,738 – Paper Registrations
10,094 – Online Registrations
23,017 unique visitors by registration