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Royal Philatelic Society elects first "overseas" President

(RJ West) At the Annual General Meeting held on 22 June, The Royal Philatelic Society elected Patrick Maselis as President. Patrick is the Society’s first ‘overseas’ President, his election recognising the fact of the membership of over 2,250 of the Society, more than half reside outside the United Kingdom.
Patrick, born and living in Belgium, is a fourth generation philatelist, his collecting interests including the Medallion issue of Belgium, Belgium Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, and the postal history of Lake Enclave, New Zealand and New York. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Maselis Group, active worldwide in cereals and breakfast cereals.
Richard Stock, elected two years ago as a Vice-President, is joined by Peter Cockburn also elected at this year’s AGM. Other Officers are Peter Cockburn as Honorary Secretary, Nigel Gooch as Honorary Treasurer, and Ben Palmer as Honorary Librarian.
The members of Council are David Alford, Mark Bailey, Dieter Michelson, James Podger, Mike J. Y. Roberts, Birthe King, John Davies, Bill Hedley, Christopher Hitchen and Colin Hoffman.

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PHILA HISTORICA 2/2017 available for download

PHILA HISTORICA is the title of a prestigious digital magazine published in the German language that focuses mainly on postal history, philately and philatelic literature. It concerns a high-level magazine that has been awarded the important CG Award in 2013. Each issue of the magazine – there are four of them each year – contains about 250 pages in large (A4) format, and offers illustrations in full-color. In many cases the contributions in the magazine are published for the first time, which makes the contents of PHILA HISTORICA even more interesting.
In the latest issue, published recently, the Editor of the magazine, Wolfgang Maassen, brings the famous ‘King of Philatelists’, Philipp von Ferrari, to the fore; this on the occasion of the fact that this fascinating collector died exactly one hundred years ago. Maassen discusses not only the person of Ferrari himself, but also the – often inaccurate - literature that has been published about this intriguing philatelist. In a further article, he discusses the theme "German Emigrants in New York", also a very interesting subject. He also presents the upcoming exhibitions in Monaco (MonacoPhil 2017) and Sweden (Stockholmia 2019) and offers a thorough review of the "Philatelic Summit" that was held some time ago in Stockholm. Regular readers of the magazine will appreciate the pre-release a part of the series "Who is who in philately?"; it concerns the 2nd part of the letter "K". Another contribution of interest could be an extensive list of philatelic literature rarities, and the same goes for the continuation of Hans-Jürgen Dobiat’s article about the so-called "name sales".
One of the best things about PHILA HISTORICA is that the magazine can be obtained totally free of charge: you may download it at the internet address Although you are not obliged to do so, a small donation to help financing the production of this extensive magazine will be highly appreciated. You will find the details on the aforementioned website.

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Italia 2018: International exhibition of philatelic literature in Milan, March 2018

(bcs) The Federation of Italian Philatelic Societies will organize an international exhibition of philatelic literature called “Italia 2018” which will be held in the framework of the philatelic event Milanofil in March 2018. Milanofil is a large trade convention with international attendance. Collectors, authors, publishers and webmasters from all over the world can take part with their books, journals, websites, philatelic products and software.
ANN international jury will implement innovative terms of judgment that will award both research and educational and divulgation works; the jury will have much time for a well-thought and carefully weighed judgment.
The registration is individual and can be performed only through the exhibition website: there will be many news indeed, too, in the organisation, everything exclusively by means of the website and in a paperless fashion.
The organisers expect about 400 international exhibits from all over the world: every author and publisher is invited. Whether an important research book or a society journal or a big portal or a little society website, there will be the space and possibility to promote everyone’s work.
The event will be held under the patronage of FEPA, Federation of European Philatelic Associations, and the Académie Européenne de Philatélie (AEP).
Regulations, information and the application form can be found on The website will be available 1st July, 2017.
More information: Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, Commissioner General, e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Swiss Post implements digital health platform in south-east Switzerland

(sp) Swiss Post is implementing a platform for the comprehensive exchange of digital health and treatment data in the canton of Graubünden. The platform is available for members of the ‘eHealth Südost Association’. Swiss Post has been developing and running eHealth solutions for the electronic transfer of confidential healthcare information for some years now.
Swiss Post recently won a tender with its comprehensive range of services for a digital healthcare platform in the south-east Switzerland region. In addition to the electronic patient record system (in accordance with the Federal Law on the Electronic Patient Record or EPDG), the service also includes typical B2B applications, such as referral and transfer, e-medication and e-prescription. The service package also includes the secure transfer of medical documents. Also B2C applications , such as e-vaccination records, are included. The ‘eHealth Südost Association’ is also evaluating the option of a service center which could carry out core community functions for the association. Examples of these functions are the registration of patients (including instruction and training), archiving, data protection and data security tasks.

Is Stanley Gibbons Up For Sale?

(sg/lsn) The renowned British stamp firm and catalogue publisher Stanley Gibbons in London (England) has confirmed that it is open to takeover offers from any interested party. In the announcement of Stanley Gibbons the company refers to the restructuring efforts that the firm started last year.
Stanley Gibbons is a company regarded as a mainstay of the British philatelic world. The firm has a 161-year history and is listed on the AIM (London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investments Market). As such, SG must promptly inform shareholders and the public of any matters affecting its valuation. Stanley Gibbons now states that it recently received an inquiry from Disruptive Capital Finance, a London-based investor. SG regards the inquiry of Disruptive Capital Finance as an expression of interest in buying the Stanley Gibbons Group or some of its parts. However, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reports that Disruptive has denied that is has been made definite offer.

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